As the price range of a product increases, so does the emotional value we attach to it. However, most leather jackets are brandished with the “100% Genuine Leather Jacket” buzz phrase which on one hand does ensure that the product is in fact made of leather but does not provide any information on the quality of leather itself.

In case you search for “Genuine Leather Jacket”, you are likely to find that just “Genuine Leather” is the lowest grade of leather with no further information such as full-grain, split leather or leather combinations. “Genuine Leather Jacket”, “Real Leather Jacket”, “True Leather Jacket” are umbrella terms just like “Car” can be an umbrella term for a Ferrari or a Maruti. Moreover, “Real Leather” can be split into thinner layers and blended with plastic-based polyurethane and embossed products to destroy the appeal and charm of a leather jacket. At Victor Dorr, the quality of leather itself is not only a concern but something we pride ourselves upon. We have taken the responsibility to promote the use of sustainably sourced, consciously treated and expertly stitched products to you.

Therefore, it becomes a prime concern to not only buy a 100% genuine leather based product but also question if it is of the highest quality. We ensure that all leather is of the quality that we would wear ourselves, not blended with synthetic products and repeatedly inspected with care for you. Ultimately, when push comes to shove, you deserve what you are promised!

In our upcoming blogs we’ll educate you on how you can differentiate between faux leather jackets and genuine leather jackets and what are the things you should look for in high quality leather jackets.

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