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CRY-Child Rights and You
CRY-Child Rights and You(CRY) is an organization committed to providing rights to underprivileged children in South Asia. Over the course of the next 10 years, CRY will ensure that children have access to free and quality education, primary healthcare and are safe from all forms of violence, abuse and exploitation. We believe that childhood is the best part of the whole life and no one has the right to steal it away from children. Hence, VictorDorr donates to the organization regularly to help them fulfil their mission.
Plan India
Plan India is an NGO that aims at providing children with education, health care d livelihood opportunities in the Indian subcontinent. They implement high-quality programs to create a lasting impact in the lives of excluded and vulnerable children and their communities as well. Plan India especially focuses on the lives of young girls y providing them quality education, sanitation and employment opportunities. We believe that the future rests in the hands of our children, especially the women. VictorDorr has recognized this fact and has been donating to PLAN INDIA year after year.
SEDEX approved
VictorDorr is SEDEX approved, which means that it is in-line with following the latest environmental standards set globally related to leather production. We care about the environment and therefore leave no stone unturned when it comes to taking care of our Mother Earth. VictorDorr is also SEDEX approved for maintaining labour standards and respecting their rights in line with our mission to provide customer satisfaction while maintaining employee relations and improving loyalty. Our employees from all levels stay with us for years upon years.